Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What! No more IRS forms in the mail??

What! No more IRS forms in the mail?? That is just wrong!
Yes it is true. If you are a paper filer, well then your life just became more of a hassle to file your Federal taxes. Sure the IRS will save $10 million dollars, savings that will not be passed on to you. You have to find your own forms. What if the paper filers said: “hey, if I have to be inconvenienced to file the Federal forms, then I am just not going to file.” (that is another debate).

Stay out of trouble and file your Federal forms on time.

You can still file by logging on to the IRS website and downloading the forms to manually fill out or you can use an online tax preparation service. Since 1996, M&R Accounting PLL has been helping clients achieve the best results when filing. Our customers wanted a simple, easy and secure way to complete their own taxes. We developed TaxSmarty.com.

TaxSmarty.com is designed to help you complete the necessary tax forms with easy to answer questions. Complete the questionnaire and Tax Smarty.com/Complete Tax will complete the forms for you. It is that easy. You can use TaxSmarty.com for FREE. We will not collect any fees if you are not happy with results.

You Win with TaxSmarty.com.
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